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Tips to Assist You in having a Flat Tummy using a Belly Binder

When you get to deliver your baby, your muscles become weak and it is only that you demand extra support. There are great compression garments and belly binders available in the market. You can make use of a sturdy girdle, belly binders that are easily found in local stores and in online retail stores, Coincidentally, I found a great article about getting your tummy flat using a belly binder on Momming blog. If perchance you don’t have enough money, you can use a plain bed sheet by having it cut down to about 12 inches thick and not altering the length.

Have the center of the strip placed on your belly and have it wrapped around your torso. Tie it back in the middle close to your navel. It is advised that when tying it is not too tight because you do not want to construct rather you want to support your belly as things go back to the way they were. How do you think women in the 18th century got their waist to be as tiny as we see it pictures? It was all of those corsets beneath their dresses, which after a period left them with a very tiny waist even if the rest of their body was larger. This is the same principle guiding the art of belly binding.

It is important that you walk for as much as you can. Put on your belly binder and take your newborn baby for a walk around the neighborhood, probably few blocks from your home just to get fresh air. If perchance you are experiencing a very bad weather, you can visit the local mall and walk around and rest when you are tired or rather you ca walk around your home if you have a spacious indoor area. Studies have backed up the fact that walking makes one feel a lot better.

On a final note, it is important that you consider your posture. When you are slouching you are not providing your body total support and your back, shoulders, neck, abdominal muscles are all suffering the effect, and they may feel fatigued after some time. It is advised that henceforth have your body straight in its alignment to improve your posture.

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