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These Essential Tips will assist you in Locating a Laptop

We have been getting many emails and comment from our audience about how they misplaced their Android and iOS device and they seem to be consulting us for some sort of assistance and advice. It is quite an unfortunate situation to get to misplace your smartphone. Nonetheless, not only are tablets and smartphones stolen or lost, so also do laptops. However, it is somewhat unlikely to lose a laptop compared to a smartphone, owing to its size. On the other hand, acquiring such an expensive gadget will get the attention of thieves at first sight. Therefore, if you are missing and trying to localiser un portable, it is only right that you not lose hope just yet. There are various ways of tracking down a stolen laptop, even without employing a third software.

Use Facebook, Gmail or Dropbox to obtain the IP address (Win & Mac)

Most of the applications that are running in the background of websites you visit log your activities, store and register your IP address. If someone makes use of your laptop and the lookup their email or Facebook profile, you have an excellent chance of getting the persons IP address. The only issue is that an IP does not mean that you can easily identify the physical address that is assigned to the IP. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are in possession of such information but they do not get to release in anyhow, you definitely would require having a warrant in other to be in possession of that. If perchance you get the IP address of the individual that is using your laptop, it is advised that you make an instant visit to the police station and have your situation explained.

Got the location or IP address? Get help!

If you are able to get the actual location of your laptop using an IP address or perhaps iCloud, it is advised that you do not just head out there alone without some form of backup to retrieve your laptop form the hands of the thieves. It is recommended that you visit any local authority and tell them to look up the address or you can tell to get a warrant to retrieve the physical location for the thief’s ISP.

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