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Great News: The Greater High Plains Area is Very Business Friendly

If you are a small-business person looking to move your business to the Greater High Plains Area

Our local government is very friendly towards business. We understand that business means jobs. The more businesses are attracted to our area, the more jobs there would be for people living in Liberal, KS and surrounding municipalities. That’s the bottom line. Accordingly, local leaders have gone out of their way to create a positive environment for entrepreneurs offering a wide-range of products and services in our municipal region.

Small Businesses Generally Have to Face a Lot of Hurdles

The reason why our local leaders have emphasized ease of doing business is that they know full well that generally speaking, small businesses have to deal with a lot hassles operating.

To put up a business and operate it in all four corners of the United States, you’re going to face all sorts of regulation. We understand this full well. Our municipal leaders understand that this can act as brake to business formation and business activity.

Worse yet

Any brakes on business formation actually has a cascading effect.

When business formation and growth are stymied, this leads to less real estate activity and a stagnant tax base. Everything is interrelated and any positive action on any part of the equation ensures there are more resources and better city services for everyone involved.

Think of city management and business encouragement like poking a balloon. When you put pressure on one end of a balloon, you don’t know exactly which end of the balloon will swell up in reaction. Still, you can bet that there will be an impact. Our city leadership knows this impact and that’s why they are trying hard to ensure business flows through our greater municipal area through streamlined regulatory actions.

This, of course, all translates to lower job creation.

We want more jobs in our area, and this is why there is a concerted effort on both the local community level as well as the municipal leadership level to produce the friction local businesses face setting up businesses as well as maintaining operations.

This leads to lower friction local business permit systems and regulations. While there’s still a certain level of regulation you should expect we are happy to report that it is not going to be so constricting and so formidable that it gets in the way of you creating jobs.

Quick Small Form Processing

The great innovation that our municipal leaders have come up with involves ease of processing.

Now, there are probably many other areas in the country that process small business applications faster, there are almost certainly many other areas that charge lesser fees, but we definitely have gone a long way in at least trying to be more competitive.

The bottom line is the fewer forms you have to fill out to put a business the faster your business can be up and running.

The more businesses we encourage not only to grow and start in the greater High Plains area as well as move here, the more jobs we can create.

This leads to a more dynamic community and a brighter future for the Liberal, KS and surrounding suburban region.